5 Things I’m Loving

To bring you up to speed with my life: I’ve been working A LOT which isn’t something to complain about because I’m lucky to have a good job that pays well, but it is draining regardless. I’ve also been hardcore cleaning my closet and moving my room around. I’m not good at leaving things be so I tend to change the set-up at least once a year, but I’m hoping this time the set-up sticks. Beyond all that it is Christmastime and that’s its own set of things that I need to take care of and a different set of stressors coming along with it. Amidst all this there are 5 Things that have either helped me destress or just made me really warm and fuzzy inside.

#1 Repuation, Taylor Swift’s newest album

Yeah, you’ve probably listened to this at least once (though it’s likely that you’ve listened to it on repeat for hours… or is that me?). It’s not my favorite album of hers but I am glad to have more of her music and while not every song may jive with me (looking at you: …Ready for It, End Game, Don’t Blame Me, Delicate, Look What You Made Me Do, So It Goes…, and Dress = just realized this is more or less the first half of the album, but you get the picture) the ones that do really hit their mark.

#2 The Greatest Showman Trailer & Music (released so far)

I did not expect to get so freaking excited for this movie but here I am just drooling over every little thing I can get from this film. While I may not have tickets for the premier showing yet, as soon as I get my schedule for the week of December 20th I’ll be swooping in and purchasing some.

#3 What We Do In the Shadows

This may have come out in 2015 but I only just watched it for the first time and I really enjoyed it. The reason I finally jumped on board was because Taika Waititi (one of the stars and the directors) also directed the new Thor movie (which I still haven’t seen… “shame, shame, shame”). It really did live up to my expectations and I can’t recommend it enough. Heads up if you have Amazon Prime: it’s free on their service. ALSO Jemaine Clement is in this and if you don’t love him you should learn to because he’s stellar in everything he does.

#4 Warmies (specifically mine: Tormund the Turtle)

As soon as I held my very own Warmies Plush I knew his name was Tormund (who is one of the best GOT characters fight me) and I adore him. I linked above to the turtle specifically as that’s what I (and one of my best friends, who was influence by my good decision) own and he’s fantastic. Basically these are adorable and soft plushies that you can microwave for a minute or so and they stay warm for a while. They’re particularly good for cramps and they smell like lavender which is so soothing to fall asleep to. If you’re not into stuffed animals there are also socks, a neck warmer, and a seat cushion that can do the trick for you. I seriously, seriously recommend them.

#5 Gilmore Girls

This has been my guilty pleasure show for a while now but since I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing and moving things I needed something for background noise. I hit my stride with this show and started taking in a season a day or so. While this is my first pass through bingeing it I can easily picture myself going back and rewatching it frequently. Also, Luke & Lorelai are very, very, very important to me, and I’m so invested in them it’s ridiculous (new OTP? yep, pretty much).

What have you all been loving lately? Any one else excited for The Greatest Showman or is that just me? Come on, be honest, let me know below!